What Age is Preschool? Unveiling the Ideal Starting Point for Early Education

One of the most common questions parents have is, “What age is preschool?” According to Samantha Cleaver with WeAreTeachers.com, “For preschool, which by definition happens before school age, children typically start between 3 and 5 years of age. Some preschools enroll children at 3 years old, others will take them at age 4. The average age to start preschool is 3 or 4. It’s also important to note that, since preschool isn’t mandatory, some kids will not attend preschool at all.” So, with this information in mind, how can you tell your child is ready? Here are 3 signs your child is ready to start their educational journey.

1. A child might be ready for preschool when they show an interest in reading.

Does your little one love books? Children who regularly pick up books, ask to be read to, and enjoy visiting the library might be ready for preschool. While this interest isn’t a litmus test per se, a child who is interested in reading is much more inclined to pay attention and learn in school versus a child who is not.

2. A child might be ready for preschool when they start asking questions.

Asking questions is a great way to learn about the world. Most children are naturally curious, but if your child is constantly asking questions, it could be a sign they are both eager and ready for a traditional academic setting. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” This curiosity you see in them will fuel their desire to learn and boost their attention span in the classroom. And attending preschool will only further their curiosity and zest for learning.

The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.

Maria Montessori

3. A child may be ready for preschool if they know how to listen and follow basic directions.

No one expects preschoolers to be able to sit still for long, listen super attentively, or follow a complex set of instructions. But being able to listen to adults when they are speaking and follow simple directions like “Throw your trash away” or “Let’s clean up” are signs of preschool readiness you can be on the lookout for. Children need to know how to respect authority and cooperate with an adult in charge if they are going to start attending school.

Closing thoughts on preschool readiness

So if you’re wondering “what age is preschool?”, the answer is honestly: any time your child shows they are ready! Because preschool isn’t a requirement, it is best to look to your child for signs that they are ready to learn and excited about school. Children who are excited about school are going to make the transition much more smoothly than resistant children. Attending preschool is a big change for your child (and for you!). So take the transition slowly and if your child isn’t ready, it’s okay to wait another year (or wait until kindergarten). Children can benefit so much from preschool, but only if they are truly ready to take that step.Seeing your child grow up and reach school age can be such a bittersweet milestone. If your child is showing signs of preschool readiness, our loving, capable staff is ready to link arms with you and teach your little ones ages 2-4 more about Jesus, how to have good manners, and all of the other fundamental aspects of attending preschool.

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