4 Tips for Keeping Your Child Well Throughout Winter

Keeping your child well during summer might seem easier because they get plenty of sunshine and fresh air. The winter months, however, are a different story. Trying to help your child establish healthy habits this winter? Check out these tips to keep your child well all year long.

Wash Their Hands Often

As adults, we wash our hands without even thinking about it. But washing a child’s hands is always a production! We have to corral them, set up the step stool, remind them to scrub first before they rinse, give them a lecture on germs, dry their hands… the whole process feels like it takes a solid 10 minutes each time!

Washing hands, however, is a highly effective way for keeping germs at bay and keeping your child well! So as tedious as the task can be, wash your child’s hands as often as possible. Remember, you just might be protecting them from days or even weeks of feeling crummy and missing school.

Keep Them Hydrated

When it’s hot and we’re sweating a lot, we tend to drink more water because we are conscious of the fact that we’re getting dehydrated. When it’s winter, however, we don’t necessarily think about needing a drink until we’re thirsty (which is a sign of dehydration.) Make sure your little ones are getting enough to drink this winter! Have them carry around a water bottle if that helps. You could even serve hydrating meals like soup.

Serve Nutritional Meals

Another great way to help your child stay healthy this winter is to make nutritional meals. We know once the holidays pass the last thing you feel like doing is cooking. But instead of serving cereal and milk for dinner, try to do sheet pan meals or casseroles for easy yet nourishing dinners.

Keep Them Active

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we can’t get our bodies moving! Exercise isn’t just good for your child’s physical health; it’s good for their mental well-being too! So do some stretches together, shovel some snow, or go on a walk. The more your child moves this winter, the healthier they will be!

As if it wasn’t hard enough to keep them from getting a stomach virus, a cold, or the flu, these days we have to worry about our kids catching COVID germs too. But if you teach your child to practice good hygiene and help them form healthy habits, you’ll keep them well throughout winter.