Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Preschoolers

Looking for some Thanksgiving craft ideas to do with your preschooler? Here’s some fun, easy crafts you and your preschooler can enjoy doing together.

craft thanksgiving

Hand turkey

Take a paper plate and pour a bit of red, orange, or yellow paint onto it. Tilt the paper plate slightly this way and that to spread the color out. Help your child dip their hand (palm side down) into the paint. Then have them “blot” it once onto a paper towel. Gently set their hand (palm side down) onto a piece of white construction paper, pressing a bit to make sure every surface of their hand touches the paper. Then carefully lift. Once the paint has dried, your child can finish the turkey by drawing a beak, eyes, and feet!

Gratitude tree

Take a tree branch that has a lot of smaller branches on it and set it up in your living room. Help your child draw and cut leaves out of fall-colored construction paper. Have them draw something they’re grateful for on each one. Use twine and paper clips or tape to hang each leaf on the “tree.” You can even pray afterwards and thank God for each thing on the gratitude tree.

Thankfulness rolls

Prepare some bread roll dough (homemade or store-bought!) Print a list of thankfulness prompt questions. Then cut them into strips. Wrap each strip of paper in a small bit of tinfoil and place it in between two small rolls of bread dough. Place the little bundle in a muffin tin cup. Keep doing this until you have a full muffin pan of rolls. Then bake them according to the instructions. At Thanksgiving dinner, your toddler can explain that the rolls have a special surprise in them and your guests will have the opportunity to answer whatever gratitude question they got.

Which of these craft ideas do you think your toddler would enjoy?