Safety and Standards: The Value of Alabama DHR Licensed Daycares

When you’re choosing a daycare for your child, there are many factors to consider. While values differ from family to family, most parents and caregivers are looking for a high-quality daycare that provides a warm, nurturing, safe environment for their child to learn and grow in. The Alabama DHR (Department of Human Resources) has a set of standards for daycares that require a license. According to the Alabama Department of Human Resources website:

“Child day care centers in Alabama legally operate in one of two ways: Licensed or license exempt. All centers that require a license must be licensed by the Department of Human Resources and renewed every two years. The Department of Human Resources prescribes and enforces performance standards for licensing approval. Consultation is provided to assist providers and parents. Every licensed center must be in compliance with licensing regulations as prescribed by the State Department of Human Resources.

Daycares run by churches fall under the “license-exempt” category, however, Smokerise Childcare has chosen to get licensed by the Alabama DHR to demonstrate just how committed we are to providing quality childcare for your children. Here are 3 reasons why we think Alabama DHR Licensed daycares are valuable to our community and worth investing in.

To achieve our goals of educating bold and ambitious children, we must invest in enriching, quality early child care and learning.

– Stacey Abrams


The first reason it is valuable for daycares to be DHR licensed is accountability. A daycare that has been licensed by the Alabama DHR has to answer to the DHR on a regular basis. The DHR has a list of standards they must meet and procedures they must follow. Failure to meet these results in losing their license. Having that kind of accountability makes a daycare more credible because someone else is vouching for them and looking over their shoulder to ensure they are caring for the kids well.


Another benefit of a daycare that has been licensed by the Alabama DHR is the security. Sadly, children of all ages these days fall prey to human trafficking and sexual abuse. The Alabama DHR has restrictions in place to create as safe an environment as possible and protect children. According to the Alabama DHR website, the Child Care Services Division, Office of Child Care Licensing is responsible for the following functions:

  • “Licensing day care/nighttime centers and homes.
  • Visiting day care/nighttime centers and homes to verify compliance with performance standards.
  • Maintaining information filed by churches choosing to be exempt from licensure.
  • Investigating licensing violation complaints and recommending adverse action for day care centers and homes when non-compliance of standards warrant.
  • Offering consultation to prospective and existing day care/nighttime center and home providers.
  • Interpreting performance standards for day care/nighttime centers and homes.”

The Alabama DHR not only has a list of standards that licensed centers must follow but also regularly inspects and evaluates these childcare centers and homes to ensure they are following the rules.

Peace of mind

Last but not least, a DHR-licensed daycare center gives parents peace of mind that their children are in loving, capable hands. When you cannot be with your children 24/7, it is a relief to know that our kids are safe and well cared for because of the safety measures and standards that the Alabama DHR has in place for their daycare centers.If you are looking for a daycare center that is being held accountable, takes safety seriously, and provides peace of mind for parents, look for a childcare center or daycare that has a license with Alabama DHR. Smokerise Childcare is committed to providing quality care for children in need of a safe place to be while you work.

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