Preschool and Kindergarten

Ready to take the next step?

Sending your beloved child to pre-school will no doubt be an exciting but emotional experience. We are ready to welcome your little ones aged between 2 - 4 years to our safe learning environment. From inspiring their minds to teaching children the groundwork of Bible study and good behavior, this is the perfect next step for your child.


Our tuition fees are as follows...

6 weeks - 2 years: 5 full days = $140 weekly
3 full days = $90 weekly
2 years - 4 years: 5 full days = $135 weekly
3 full days = $90 weekly

School age: 5 full days = $60 weekly

School age/during spring break/summer camp for toddlers etc: 5 full days = $135 weekly

Kindergarten (preschool): 5 full days = $60 weekly

3 full days = $40 weekly

Medicine sheets must be provided, along with clearly labeled medicine if you wish us to administer medication to your child.

If your child is ill or contagious, they must not be brought to the center (signs that indicate illness include having a sore throat, high temperature, and vomiting)

Should severe weather occur (such as heavy snow) we will follow the policy of the local school system. If severe weather happens while your child is in our care, you must be prepared to pick them up immediately or make other arrangements for them.

Your child must be dropped off or picked up by yourself or another adult on your child's enrolment list; ID may be required. Your child must not be dropped off before 6:30 AM or picked up after 6:15 PM. Should your child be late, for example, due to a morning medical appointment, we ask that you do not drop your child off during nap time.

Our childcare and preschool services will be closed on major US holidays including Good Friday, Memorial Day, July 5th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas day and New Year's Eve/Day.

Any discipline we use will be proportionate, consistent and fair. Our primary form of discipline will be a time-out that may escalate to a child being removed from the learning environment. Should behavioral problems continue we may schedule a meeting with the child's parent and work toward helping the child productively together.

To teach children about their community, there are times we plan field trips with the children. All field trips are carefully planned and fully supervised, all children must be accompanied by an adult.