Packing Your Child’s Bag for Preschool

Sending your child to preschool can be both exciting and nerve-wracking.

Are they going to behave? Will they make friends? I hope they share. I hope they remember to use the potty. I hope they nap. Am I packing the right stuff?

These questions and fears may be on repeat the night before you leave your child in someone else’s care for the first time. Here are 3 tips to help you keep stress at bay as you pack your preschooler’s bag.


Label your child’s belongings.

To a weary childcare worker, everyone’s stuff looks the same. So make it easy for them to keep up by writing your child’s name on everything. Use a permanent marker or a sticker with your child’s name on it to label your preschooler’s cup, lunch, clothing, lovies, and anything else that you send with them.

Be sure to include allergy info and meds.

If your child is allergic to anything, most likely it is on-file at the preschool. That being said, you should still provide allergy info in their bag. Attach a note or a keychain to their bag, stating clearly what your child can or can’t have and include an EpiPen if necessary. If your child is diabetic or has certain health limitations, make sure you include this information along with “in case of an emergency” instructions and contact info.

Don’t forget a change of clothes and a diaper/pullup.

Accidents happen. We’d like to hope our child has a great, uneventful day, but there’s always the possibility that they may have an accident in their pants, vomit, or get dirty on the playground. While it may seem unnecessary, be sure you include an extra set of clothes for your child, as well as a disposable diaper or pullup.

Unsure what other items your child is going to need while you’re away? Ask a staff member for extra guidance! More than likely your child’s preschool will have plenty of wipes, toys, and snacks. So focus on packing items your child must have from home, and they should be just fine.