3 Fun Outdoor Winter Activities To Do With Your Kids

Looking for some fun, outdoor winter activities to do with your kiddos? While it may be cold outside, studies have shown getting outdoors in the winter boosts your child’s mood and keeps them healthy! So, which of these activities are you going to try this winter?

Go on a walk as a family

When it’s chilly out, it’s good to keep moving. This is why a walk is a perfect winter activity to do with your child. Try to go on walks during the sunniest time of day, when it isn’t as cold. Look for winter treasures, stop and watch any wildlife you see, and take pictures of things that fascinate you or your child. You could even give your little one a notebook they can work on after each walk, where they can write about their walking adventures, draw pictures, or tape pretty leaves, berries, or flowers they find.

An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.

Henry David Thoreau

Experiment with ice balloons

Making ice balloons is another super easy, fun way to enjoy the outdoors this winter with your kids. On an extra cold day, fill a couple of balloons with water. (Add a couple drops of food coloring to each one for extra fun!) Then, set them outside and wait for them to freeze. Once the water has frozen, you can “pop” the balloons and enjoy the ice globes you’ve created!

Make a camp fire

When done in a safe manner, making a camp fire with your kids can be an educational outdoor winter activity. Start by giving each child a task based on their age. For example, you can have younger children collect small sticks while older children gather larger branches or lint from the dryer. Just be sure to keep the lighters and matches with you at all times and designate yourself as the official “fire starter.” Once you’ve made a nice fire, you can sip hot chocolate around it, sing songs, and roast marshmallows or hotdogs.

Have your kids been antsy or moody lately? Being indoors too much during the winter months is not good for your kids’ mental or physical health. Pick one of these fun outdoor winter activities to try today and teach your children to enjoy God’s creation year round!