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5 Children’s Books That Help Kids Learn The True Meaning of Christmas

December 16, 2020

Reading is a valuable teaching tool, especially when you’re trying to communicate an important message such as Christmas to little hearts and minds. If you’re looking for a creative way…

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Christmas Snacks to Make With Your Preschooler

December 1, 2020

Being creative together in the kitchen is a great way to spend time with your kids come Christmastime. Here are some fun Christmas snacks you can make with your preschooler…

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Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Preschoolers

November 16, 2020

Looking for some Thanksgiving craft ideas to do with your preschooler? Here’s some fun, easy crafts you and your preschooler can enjoy doing together. Hand turkey Take a paper plate…

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10 Easy Bible Verses Every Child Should Memorize

November 9, 2020

When it comes to memorizing the Word of God, it’s never too early to start! Encouraging our children to memorize Bible verses from an early age is a great way…

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3 Ways to Teach Your Toddler Gratitude

November 2, 2020

Does it feel like all your toddler thinks about is “me me me?” While it’s common at this age for your kiddo to think about themselves, there are ways to…

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23 Fall Outdoor Activities Your Kids Will Love

October 29, 2020

Fall Outdoor Activities: Fall is a welcome reprieve for parents because the cooler weather allows us to finally get outside with our kids without sweating to death and everyone needing…

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How to Stay Safe in the Carpool Line

September 26, 2020

Despite how slowly carpool lines typically move, accidents can still happen when you’re picking up your kids. This is why it’s important to drive safely and take the necessary precautions.…

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Keeping Your Allergy-Prone Child Safe at Preschool

September 15, 2020

Keeping Your Allergy-Prone Child Safe at Preschool: Concerned about your allergy-prone preschooler having a reaction while they’re at school? Your little one can have a safe and fun preschool experience,…

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Tips for Traveling With a Toddler

September 7, 2020

Tips for Traveling with a toddler can be quite an adventure (and quite a test of your sanity!). But if you know what to pack and how to plan, you…

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