16 Fun Indoor Winter Activities To Do With Your Kids

Looking for some fun, indoor winter activities to do with your kiddos? Make some memories together as a family and try one of these ideas.

Build a fort and play in it

Making a blanket fort is a classic indoor winter activity that the whole family can enjoy. You don’t need any special supplies either, just grab some couch cushions, blankets, and pillows and start building!

Building a fort with your kids is only part of the fun, though. Once you have it up, you can do all kinds of activities inside like:

  • Play a board game
  • Color pictures
  • Make paper dolls
  • Put together a puzzle
  • Make paper snowflakes
  • Blow bubbles
  • Read books aloud.

There’s just something about a fort that is so cozy and inviting. Everything is more fun in a fort.

Everything is more fun in a fort.

Do something creative

Are your kids tired of the same old indoor winter activities? Playing with toys is fun, but when your kiddos inevitably get bored, keep their brains sharp by doing something that requires a bit more focus and skill such as:

  • Baking cookies
  • Playing with playdough
  • Painting a picture
  • Building something with Legos
  • Watching birds and squirrels with binoculars
  • Going on an indoor scavenger hunt
  • Putting on a skit.

Get moving

One of the downsides to winter is not being able to get outdoors as much. If your kids need to burn off some energy, try to get them moving by:

  • Putting on some music and having a dance party
  • “Ice skating” on paper plates
  • Pretending the floor is lava.

Have your kids enjoyed more than their fair share of movies, video games, and TV this winter? Do something that connects you with one another this winter.