How to Stay Safe in the Carpool Line

Carpool Line

Despite how slowly carpool lines typically move, accidents can still happen when you’re picking up your kids. This is why it’s important to drive safely and take the necessary precautions. Here are some tips for staying safe in the carpool line.

Pay attention

While you may be tempted to use the time you’re waiting in line to make phone calls, catch up on social media, or read emails, the carpool line is NOT the place to tackle your to-do list. As you drive through carpool, your focus needs to be on the road and other vehicles. You don’t want to accidentally hit a child or the car in front of you because you weren’t paying attention!

Follow directions

The carpool staff puts signs and carpool monitors in place to keep traffic flowing and protect both children and vehicles. So don’t cut in line or zip around. Enter the carpool line at the designated place, drive slowly, and be prepared to follow directions once you drive up to the pickup location. Then exit where and when it is appropriate for you to do so.

In order to keep children safe and prevent accidents, it’s important to stay alert and follow the carpool rules. If you have any questions about how the carpool line works, talk to a Smoke Rise staff member for assistance.