Finding Quality Child Care Near Me: A Parent’s Guide

Whether your maternity leave is up and you need to go back to work or you’re looking for someone to ease your load at home, you may need someone trustworthy, reliable, affordable, and capable to look after your child. If that sounds like a tall order, it isn’t. Here are some tips for finding quality child care near you.

Pray about your decision.

Maybe it sounds obvious, but one of the best ways to begin your search for quality child care is to bring the decision to the Lord! He cares about your child deeply and wants to see them safe and well cared for. Ask Him for wisdom before you even begin searching. Pray for His guidance, that He would lead you to a place that is the perfect fit for your family. Commit your budget to the Lord, and ask Him to provide quality care that is within your financial means. Last but not least, pray for your child that they will adjust well and have fun wherever you choose.

Make a list of what is important to you.

What aspects of your child’s care are important to you? Do you value structure? lots of playtime? field trips? quality teachers? Jot down a list of all the things that are top priorities for you, as well as wish list items. Consult this list regularly in your search to ensure that the places you are looking at meet your expectations.

Don’t settle.

As you look for quality child care, don’t be afraid to set your standards high! No childcare facility will care for your child as personally as you do, but your child deserves gentle, safe, loving care just like you provide at home. So don’t settle for less than the best! Providing your child with a comfortable, safe environment to learn and play is worth the effort.

Ask your community & read reviews.

If you attend a local church or are a part of any local Facebook groups, these can be great places to begin your search for child care near you. Ask for childcare recommendations from like-minded parents, then compare the names on your list and see if one individual or childcare facility stands out. You may not have to look very far, as quality childcare tends to build a reputation for itself!

Another effective way to determine whether or not a place is providing quality care or not is to hop on their Google Reviews or Better Business Bureau page. Seeing what ratings they have received and reviewing what other caregivers are saying about the place before going through the effort of scheduling a tour can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Talk to your spouse.

As parents, we sometimes take on all the responsibility of finding quality childcare for our kids. But if you have a husband or wife raising your child with you, deciding who will look after your kids is just as much their choice as it is yours! So be sure to sit down with your significant other and ask them if they have any opinions or preferences regarding your child’s care. They will probably appreciate you asking them for their input! The burden doesn’t rest solely on you, and you can make this important decision together.Finding quality child care can be overwhelming, particularly if you’re new to an area or don’t know anyone locally. But if you pray about it, make your list of things to be on the lookout for, set your standards high, ask your community, and talk things over with your spouse, you should be able to find some good options.

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