Exploring Christian Preschools: Nurturing Faith and Early Education

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.
1 Timothy 4:12

When is a child ready to start learning about God?

As educators, we have learned that it is never too early to start teaching children about Jesus! The early years matter. Preschoolers are, in fact, very impressionable, so just because a child is young doesn’t mean they can’t learn the building blocks of the faith. Christian preschools and educators have a unique opportunity to invest in a child’s early years and weave Biblical truth into daily lesson time.

Who are the best people to nurture a child’s faith?

While parents play a significant role in how children grow up in their faith, teachers can make an impact too! They can establish a foundation of Biblical knowledge by teaching preschoolers about the fruit of the Spirit, the armor of God, or Jesus’ parables.

What should teachers be teaching their preschoolers?

Sometimes we over-complicate what preschoolers need to be learning about the Bible. Emily A. Jensen, mother and author of Risen Motherhood, says:

“…The question about what to teach our children — Scripture memory? Catechisms? Missionary biographies? Vocabulary words? — can feel complex, but it’s also simple. Teach them to do what you do and know what you know. And then, push all of your boundaries even further. Consistently expose them to God’s word and prayer…. Let them see you authentically loving God, repenting when you fail, turning to God in prayer, and studying sound doctrine along with the local church. Involve them when you host neighbors for dinner, encourage them to work hard when no one is looking, and love them as an image-bearer of God. It’s hard to be faithful in this work…but what to teach them is actually fairly simple. Teach them to be a follower of Christ.”

Preschoolers are like little sponges. The more we incorporate hands-on learning about Jesus into the classroom and model Christian behavior, the more they will learn and grow.

Where can teachers find Biblical resources for their classrooms?

If teachers are looking for Biblical resources for their classroom, the best place to start would be local churches or the library. Additionally, you can find a lot of resources online. Scripture Melodies, for example, has free printable Bible verse coloring pages teachers can use to help students connect with the Word of God and aid in Scripture memorization.

How can teachers strengthen a child’s faith in God?

Again, sometimes we overthink how to teach our children more about Jesus and the Bible. When it comes to giving preschoolers a solid spiritual foundation, keeping things simple and easy to understand is best. For example, teachers can pray for students’ needs, mediate disagreements, and show them the love of God daily by being patient and understanding when they’re having a hard day.

Why do Christian preschools need to invest in a child’s spiritual foundation as well as their educational one?

Christian preschools have an incredible opportunity each day to teach little ones how much Jesus loves them and what following Him looks like. Learning things like ABC’s and 123’s is all well and good (important even!), but these early, impressionable years are a great time for children to also learn how to be kind, brave, respectful, hard-working, and so on.If you are looking for a Christian preschool for your little one to learn and grow, both educationally and spiritually, we encourage you to visit Smokerise Childcare. We believe your 2-4-year-old will benefit from our Biblically rich program and our loving staff.

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