Beyond Daycare: Preparing Your Child for Success in School and Life

As a parent, it’s no doubt a goal of yours to begin preparing your child for success, both in school and in life. Here are just some of the ways quality childcare can help you put your child on a path toward academic and personal success.

1. Daycare teaches children the basics in preparation for their school years.

Prior to entering school, it’s good for children to have an introduction to academics (numbers, letters, shapes, and so on). Using songs, rhymes, games, and activities, childcare workers can help teach your child these basic building blocks of education, so that they are ready for formal learning in preschool and/or kindergarten. It’s helpful for children to learn these skills alongside their peers in a fun, laid-back atmosphere and have plenty of time to grasp them before they enter school.

Of course, there is more to school than academics. It’s important to teach your child how to learn, as well as foster their innate curiosity. Daycares and childcare facilities prepare your child to be a student just as much as they prepare your child for the school setting itself.

“A successful experience in school is not only about report cards. Ideally your child will learn how to learn, retain information, think independently, ask questions and develop an increasing sense of competence.”

-Jessica Lahey

2. Daycare allows children to practice important skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

Regardless of what you envision your child doing in the future, there are fundamental skills they need to have in order to succeed in life or even in a future job. These skills include:

  • Respecting authority
  • Following directions
  • Listening/not talking while others are speaking
  • Working with others
  • Being responsible for personal items
  • Taking turns
  • Being creative.

Fortunately, early childcare settings give your little one the chance to learn and practice these critical life skills. Now you may be thinking, “My child is only 3, do they really need to learn all of this so soon?” The answer is actually yes. It’s never too soon to start teaching your child these skills! Little ones are like sponges: they observe and absorb everything we say and do. So the sooner you begin teaching your child how to, for example, be responsible or follow directions, the easier it will be for them to learn and master these skills.

“Early exposure to socially acceptable behavior in the group setting prepares your child for school and life. A daycare setting can help your child develop the skills and knowledge they need to be healthy and happy. That emotional balance will help with coping skills as your child faces challenges in school and life.”

3. Daycare provides children with an opportunity to build character.

Another way a daycare or childcare setting prepares your child for success later on in life is that it provides your child with daily opportunities to practice being loving and kind to their peers. Building character in your little one starts at home, but it ought to continue in social settings. Being thoughtful, patient, and so on isn’t something that comes easily to anyone, especially children, but a childcare setting allows your child to put into action the character you as a parent are instilling in them at home.

“Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.”
-Proverbs 22:6

Here at Smokerise Childcare, it’s our mission to begin preparing your child for success, both in academics and in life. If you’re looking for a place where your child can grow and learn in a fun, caring environment, contact us today!