5 Christmas Activities That Focus On Jesus

When the holiday season rolls around, it seems all that is on our children’s minds is sweet treats, Santa Claus, and presents. So how do we shift their attention back to the true meaning of Christmas? Here are 5 Christmas activities you can do with your child that shift their focus to Jesus.

Have Child Help Pick Out Gifts to Give

Gift-giving is a great opportunity to talk with your child about Jesus, the greatest gift of all! Have each family member help pick out and wrap gifts for friends and family. Use the time together to talk about how giving gifts reflects the character of God in giving His only Son Jesus. Explain that God gave us Jesus and then Jesus gave His life, so we reflect God’s generous heart whenever we give to others.

Make Christmas Cards for People in Your Community

Little ones love to use watercolors, crayons, stickers, and markers to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art, so why not give them the opportunity to use their creativity to bless others and spread God’s love this holiday season? Gather paper and supplies and make some Christmas cards for neighbors, first responders, shut-ins, or nursing home residents. Then, let your child accompany you as you deliver the cards. You can sing some carols, deliver baked goods, or pray for those you are delivering to. What a great way to teach your children just how meaningful a little bit of encouragement can be!

Reading Books About the Birth of Jesuss

While classics like ” ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” will never go out of style, it’s important to help our kids associate Christmas with Christ! Reading the Christmas story, particularly as it relates to the gospel message, is one of the best ways to help your child remember Jesus during the holiday season. We’ve compiled a great list of Jesus-focused Christmas books, if you’re looking to expand your collection.

Serve at a Community Event or Soup Kitchen

Serving others is another great way to help your family focus on Jesus during the holidays. Many churches, non-profits, homeless shelters, and soup kitchens need extra hands around Christmas, as they serve meals and distribute essentials to help those in need. So ask around, find a cause your family cares about, and dive in. Giving your time and energy to others cultivates gratitude in your home and helps you remember Jesus.

Go Through Toys, Household Items, and Gifts and Donate to Someone in Need

There’s typically an influx of goodies and gifts around Christmas, and while there is nothing wrong with enjoying what God has blessed you with, there are others who aren’t as fortunate. Taking the Lord’s blessings and giving some of them away is a great way to mirror Christ’s generosity towards us.

You can give gently used items you already own to a local thrift store or homeless shelter, or buy new items and give them a family in need. You may feel like “it’s just some hygiene supplies” or “it’s just $5,” but every little bit helps and with every small act of kindness, you demonstrate generosity and contentment to your kids.

Jesus wasn’t thinking of Himself when He came to earth. He was thinking of us. So when we shift our focus from ourselves to others, we become more like Him. How is your family focusing on Jesus this Christmas?