4 Tips to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

The milestone that is taking your child to preschool is as exciting as it is anxiety-inducing for both the parents and the child. How will they relate to their classmates? Will they enjoy their classes? What will be their favorite lessons? As you wonder about all of these things and more, it’s important to take things one step at a time, so have a look at these four tips to help you prepare your child for preschool.

1. Talk About School Positively

Talking about school in a positive light with your child will help them develop a positive attitude about it. They won’t be apprehensive as they trust you as their parent to make good decisions for them, and so if you give preschool positive vibes, they are likely to go along with you. While a little anxiety is normal, they should feel more relaxed about it when they hear you say good things about it. Also, try to spend a few more minutes with them at the school rather than just dropping them off and leaving immediately. This way, they are more likely to warm up to the new surroundings.


2. Get Organized

As with anything else you set out to do, staying organized will be highly beneficial to both of you. Take time to make sure that their clothes and the other things they will need in school are all in order and ready for use. Set up a schedule to use so that you don’t forget to do crucial things, like packing their snack if the school calls for that. Children do well with routines, as they find security in knowing what activity to expect at a certain time. It will also be easier for them to switch from one activity to the next once they are used to the routine, so you will get a less fussy child as a plus.

3. Practice Holding Writing Tools

Writing will be an important part of any school-going child sooner rather than later, so it’s a good idea to start teaching your child how to hold crayons. It will take some time before they are able to hold their pencils well, which is why it’s best to start training them early. When they get to learn how to do so at school, they will be glad to have this skill down and it will give them ample time to learn new things.

4. Allow For Free Expression of Feelings

Finally, create an environment in which your child is free to express any feelings they have about school. Whether it’s fear and apprehension or excitement and joy, acknowledge these feelings and also share yours. This will create an environment for them in which they’re free to develop. It’s common for children to regress in one area while they are developing in another one, for instance, they may become less independent or regress in toilet training. Give them room to develop if this happens, as with the proper loving care and support, these regressions will be temporary.

If you’ve decided to enroll your little one for preschool, this is a great development for both of you. Contact us today!