3 Potential Benefits of Aftercare Programs

Around 10.2 million American children participate in some kind of afterschool program. 

There are a lot of reasons parents can’t pick up their children from school right away. Work doesn’t end until a few hours later, but very few parents are happy with the idea of their children getting home by themselves or being home alone. 

But there’s more than just a logistical benefit to enrolling your child in aftercare programs. Keep reading to learn more about the three potential benefits of aftercare programs!

1. Social Engagement

Children are in a vital period of learning and developing their social skills. One of the best ways for them to do this is with practice. And it’s even better for them to practice with other children. 

These social skills help children develop their emotional management capabilities and understand how to co-exist with other people. These skills even help boost self-confidence and create a sense of identity. 

A few extra hours of socializing every day can make a huge difference to your child’s social development. If your kid were at home, they might not have anyone else to talk to. Rather than sitting in silence, they can flex their social skills with the other children in the kid’s aftercare program. 

Child aftercare programs are also a great location for your children to make more friends. They get to meet people outside of their classes and can make bonds that can last years. 

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2. Academic Support

A huge bonus of kid aftercare programs is the academic support. Since children are supervised, they’re encouraged to do their homework and assignments at aftercare. Being in the space with other students and some teachers means they’re able to get assistance and work through homework more efficiently. 

Even without assistance, they’re more likely to do their homework at aftercare. Staying on top of homework means they’re more likely to keep up in classes, which can positively impact their academic results. 

3. Physical Activity and Health

Kids are supposed to get around 60 minutes of physical activity every day. This keeps your children healthy and strong.

But if you’re only picking your children up late in the afternoon, there isn’t much time for you to make sure they get some activity. 

When they’re alone or left to their own devices, children are less likely to participate in physical activity. But at aftercare programs, they can be encouraged to play outside, either by supervising adults or other kids. 

Aftercare programs usually provide food for your children too. These snacks will be nutritional and energizing to ensure the best physical health for your kids. 

Benefits of Aftercare Programs

Aftercare programs are important for supporting children and working families. When children can’t be picked up from school right away, they need somewhere safe to go. But aftercare programs are more than that. 

These programs provide your children with social engagement and skill development. They’re also vital for academic support and keeping your children active. 

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