10 Trending Educational Activities for Kids at Your Daycare

Daycare is more than just a glorified babysitting service. Many daycares are incorporating educational activities into their program we well! Here are 10 popular daycare activities kids are enjoying in 2023.

1. Sensory Bins

One educational activity that daycare centers enjoy using is sensory bins. Sensory bins are a great way for kids to practice all kinds of educational concepts including math and letter skills. For example, children can use a rice bin with plastic dinosaurs hidden throughout to practice addition and subtraction. Or they could trace letters of the alphabet and numbers in a sand tray.

2. STEAM Activities

Another educational activity that daycares and schools alike continue to incorporate into their classrooms is STEAM activities. STEAM stands for “Science & Technology, interpreted through Engineering & the Arts, all based in Mathematical elements,” Create and Learn explains. Some STEAM activities use items as simple as pool noodles! For instance, kids can build a marble duplo run or build structures using pieces of pool noodle and toothpicks.

3. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Nature scavenger hunts are one of those classic educational activities that never go out of style. With scavenger hunts, daycare teachers will usually print a checklist for each child of items in nature they have to find. Jaquie Fishers with KC Adventures recommends children wear water-friendly hiking shoes for their nature scavenger hunt and use brightly colored pencils (so they can find theirs if they drop it).

4. Service Projects

Another activity your daycare program might do with your child is service projects. Making cards for first responders or visiting a nursing home to sing songs to the elderly not only allows children to practice their writing and creativity but also strengthens their interpersonal skills and helps them put kindness in action.

5. Emotional Awareness Activities

More and more daycares these days are incorporating emotional awareness educational activities into their daycare program. Activities like this build your own emoji face game, for example, allow kids to identify each emotion and, consequently, better communicate how they feel.

6. Nature Art

Another popular daycare activity suitable for any age group is nature art. Children gather things like leaves, sticks, flower petals, and blades of grass and then they create a picture by gluing their findings to a piece of poster board. Children can get creative and make a self portrait with the pieces of nature or simply put together a pretty collage.

7. Science Experiments

If you’ve ever made a volcano out of baking soda and vinegar, you know how fun simple science experiments can be. Check out these 10 fun science experiments for kids. Which one of these has your child done at their daycare program?

8. Obstacle Courses

Kids have an abundance of energy, so oftentimes a daycare will incorporate some sort of movement into the daily activities, such as an obstacle course. While sometimes these activities take place outside, it is just as easy to set up an obstacle course inside on a rainy day using things like painter’s tape and chairs.

9. Read-aloud Story Time

One thing is certain: children will never get tired of being read to. Read-alouds are a timeless daycare activity that can easily be modified to accomodate any age group. Sometimes daycares will even have the teacher dress up to “match” the story, such as a princess if the teacher is reading a fairytale.

10. Class Pet

Children can learn a lot about science at their daycare just by having a class “pet!” One of the most popular “pets” classrooms enjoy keeping is caterpillars. Children feed and care for caterpillars, observing how they grow and learning about their life cycle as the caterpillars make chrysalises and eventually turn into butterflies.

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